The Smokehouse Platter

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The Smokehouse Platter

The ultimate combination of St. Louis pork ribs, smoked burnt ends, hickory smoked brisket and chicken wings with classic BBQ sides: slaw, corn on the cob, beans, pickles and BBQ sauces.

Makes 64 portions
2 x POR14 St. Louis Pork Rib Joint
4 x BF022 1kg Smoked Burnt Ends
3 x CHK022 Chicken Wing Shanks
1 x BF023 Smoked Brisket
32 x Grilled Corn on the Cob (Halved)
7kg Jalapeño & Apple Slaw
2kg Pickled Cucumbers
12kg Smokehouse BBQ Beans
300g Sliced Red Chillies

SCE128 Chipotle Mayo
SCE203 Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce
SCE121 BBQ Sauce

The St. Louis Pork Rib can either be portioned up cold and then heated to 72˚C for 2 minutes or reheated whole, making a fantastic centre piece to carve in front of your customers. The joint should be carved into 16 slices, each slice then halved again to create a single portion.

The burnt ends, the brisket and the wings are all decanted and heated to 72˚C for 2 minutes.

Assemble all the other side dishes and serve.