Special Offers for July

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Special Offers for July

Celebrate a cracking summer with 25% OFF some great sauces, perfect for enjoying the sunshine.

Alfees Louisiana Buffalo Wing Sauce

Rich Sauces Blue Cheese Dressing

Rich Sauces Ranch Dressing

Alfees South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Alfees Sweet Mango Curry Sauce


Wing preparation
There’s not a lot to it, take your 3 joint wings and chop them into the three sections. The wing tips do not have any real value (other than for chicken stock) so I discard these. Drying your wings is always a good idea, either in the fridge for a few hours or just with some kitchen paper. This ensures nice crispy skin.

Wing Cooking
There are only two real methods for cooking wings – true Buffalo wings are deep fried for around 10 minutes, this gives a lovely crispy skin. The other method is in the oven. Cook them long and slow for around 45 minutes at 110ºC and then chill. Once ready to serve, cook at 220ºC for 3-4 minutes and you will end up with a crispy outer and tender juicy chicken that is full of flavour. The best way to coat your wings is just before serving them. Literally as the wings come out of the fryer or oven, toss them into a bowl with the sauce and serve.

The Sauce
We have a range of sauces that really give you that fantastic lip smacking tongue roll that makes you crave for more;

Alfee’s Louisiana Buffalo Sauce – This is the classic buffalo sauce made with aged cayenne pepper blended with butter oil. The butter oil is really important for rounding off the cayenne flavour and taking away any harshness from the cayenne.

Alfee’s South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce – In the deep south of American, from South Carolina around to the coast, barbecue sauce is yellow, not red. That region had connections with Germany and although you get the same sweet, tart flavour profile as red BBQ sauce, the base uses mustard and not ketchup. Alfee’s South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce is a homage to that region and is proper tasty.

Rich Sauce’s Rib & Wing Sauce – This, aptly named sauce, is amazing on ribs and wings. The key flavours are the Sweet Soy Sauce and the Mirin that give a real sense of umami

Alfees’s Chipote BBQ Sauce – A classic hickory, smoky BBQ sauce with a lovely hit of chipotle chilies. A must for any wing connoisseur.

The Accompaniment
No self respecting wing can be eaten without the classic side of blue cheese sauce. The rich, salty flavours of blue cheese just work brilliantly to cool and reinvigorate your pallet, ready for the next bout of wing heaven. Serve with some celery sticks or carrot sticks.