Serious Smokehouse Launches

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Serious Smokehouse Launches

Announcing the launch of ‘Serious Smokehouse‘… our new American Pit BBQ concept that’s taking the high street by storm.

A newfound appreciation for handcrafted food is leading to the rise of American-style smokehouses and barbecue pit restaurants, and the satisfying flavours of barbecued meats are creating a real stir in UK restaurants. Serious Smokehouse gives kitchens the opportunity to serve your customers these on-trend, delicious and authentic barbecue flavours with a brand new range of smoked meats that any pit master would be proud of.

Working directly with British farmers, the Serious Smokehouse team have sourced Beef, Pork and Chicken from within the UK and created some truly inspiring products which are available to order from the Serious Food sales team now.  Want to give Serious Smokehouse a try?  Contact us to place your order.

NEW – Cherrywood Smoked St Louis Pork Rib joint

This joint is cut from the spare rib area of the hog; in the States it is often referred to as the barbecue cut. Unlike baby back ribs, the St. Louis cut has thick layers of meat above the bone – in the UK it’s what we often refer to as ‘belly of pork’. Our butchers prepare this traditional cut, before it is smoked over cherrywood for nearly 2 hours. To ensure juicy, flavourful pork, the ribs are then brined, coated with our special blackening rub and slow cooked for a further 4 hours. The St. Louis joint can either be pre-portioned cold or carved hot as a centrepiece.  Product Code: POR14.   4 x 3.14k

NEW – Hickory Smoked Brisket 

The Texans are famous for their BBQ brisket. With their great plains full of cattle ranches, it’s easy to see why they were pioneers of this great tradition. Our Serious Smokehouse brisket is portioned into 250g pieces and smoked over hickory wood. It is then coated with our red-eye rub before being cooked, low and slow for 6 hours.  Product Code: BF023.   25 x 250g

NEW – Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends are one of the hottest food trends in the UK. This cut comes from the pointed half of the brisket and is a traditional part of a Kansas City barbecue. Due to the higher fat content, it takes longer to fully cook the point to tender. It generally develops a gnarly, blacker crust, giving rise to the name ‘Burnt Ends’. Ours are smoked for nearly 2 hours over hickory wood, before being brined, coated with our special blackening rub and then slow cooked for a further 6 hours. Product Code: BF022.   10 x 1kg

NEW – Red-eye Rubbed Chicken Wing Shanks

These wing shanks are coated with a Red Eye Rub before being slow cooked for 3 hours, resulting in tasty and beautifully tender chicken. Chicken wings are super versatile and are everyone’s favourite. Each pack contains 24 wing shanks.  Product Code: CHK022.   8 x 1.74kg

And if you’re seeking pit-barbecue inspiration and on-trend recipes for our NEW Serious Smokehouse range this summer – look no further…