Christmas 2018 – let’s go!

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Christmas 2018 – let’s go!

With the festive season just around the corner we know you’re teams will be gearing up for Christmas right now. To help your Christmas party season go off with a bang, we’ve listed some seriously fantastic new products and ingredients. Feast your eyes, get stuck in and give us a call if you need some more details…


Crumble Topped Mini Mince Pies 27g x 90 (MP013)
These little treats are nut free and alcohol free and are the perfect finish to a great meal.

Standard Mince Pies 6 pcs x 8  (MP012)
Classic mince pies generously filled with a rich mincemeat

Christmas Dots Doughnuts 72g x 36 (D0T21)
Filled with a delicious chocolate & hazelnut filling and supplied with a Christmas themed tray and flag.

Christmas Butter Cookies 40g x 30 (B1S028)
Delicious star-shaped, buttery shortbread cookies decorated with white icing and red and green sugar pearls.

Mincemeat Shortbread Traybake (VEGAN) 16 portions (TB043)
Lovely rich and sticky mincemeat sandwiched between two layers of heavenly shortbread. Tastes like the ultimate mince pie.

Ultimate Christmas Fruit Cake (VEGAN) Whole (CAK106)
Fruit cake is an absolute Christmas staple. Excellent served on a cheeseboard with strong Cheddar or Stilton. This one just happens to be Vegan too!


Why not create your own unique Christmas puddings following our sumptuous Christmas Pudding Recipe, and incorporating these store cupboard Christmas essentials…

Dried Currants 1kg (DF032)
Dried Sultanas 12.5kg (DF039)
Dried Sultanas 1kg (DF039)
Dried Raisins 3kg (DF041)
Pitted Prunes 1kg (DF027)
Dried Figs 1kg (DF035)
Mixed Peel 1kg (DF023)
Dried Apricots 1kg (DF011)
Dried Cranberries 1kg (DF031)
Pitted Black Cherries 850g (CY101)
Glace Cherries 1kg (DF015)
Baby Apples in Syrup 425g (APP100)
Baby Pears 420g (PEA302)
Griottines in Kirsch 1Ltr (CY002)




Whether you’re making a fine chocolate mouse, coating some candied fruits or simply whipping up some Christmas brownies, Belcolade, Belgium manufacturers of fine couverture, will give you fantastic results. Try out our Chocolate, Orange and Almond Bark recipe too.

Belcolade Dark Chocolate Pistoles 70% 5kg (CH065)
Belcolade Dark Chocolate Pistoles 55% 5kg (CH058)
Belcolade Milk Chocolate Pistoles 35% 5kg (CH062)
Belcolade White Chocolate Pistoles 5kg (CH068)


Black Bomber Strong Cheddar, 3kg (CHE104)
Godminster Organic Waxed Cheddar, 1kg (CHE198)
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar, Ave. 2.5kg (CHE21)
Lancashire Bomb 200g, (CHE245)
Traditional Double Gloucester, Ave. 2.25kg (CHE111)
Cornish Blue, Ave. 2.25kg (CHE28)
Blue Stilton, Ave. 2kg (CHE44)
Tunworth, 250g (CHE246)

Caramelised Onion & Fig Chutney 3kg (CHU49)
Gooseberry & Coriander Chutney 3kg (CHU52)
Spicy Tomato & Caramelised Onion 3kg (CHU45)
Real Ale Chutney 3kg (CHU48)
Spiced Onion Marmalade 3kg (CHU51)
Piccalilli 3kg (CHU47)
Garlic Pickle 1.2kg (CHU46)
Quince Paste 800g (JAM13)
Pickled Walnuts 780g (NUT39)


Cranberry Sauce, 2.5kg  (SAUCE41)
Red Currant Jelly, 900g  (JEL002)
Chicken Gravy (20 Litre), 1.5kg  (GV06)
Chicken Bouillon, 800g  (STO100)
Cooked & Peeled Chestnuts, 500g  (NUT50)
Chestnut Puree Unsweetened, 900g  (CHE501)
Chestnut Puree Sweetened, 1kg  (CHE502)