All Set for Christmas

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All Set for Christmas

It’s now November, the clocks have gone back and we are full steam ahead for Christmas. As ever, we have some great treats that we know your customers will love.

This year, we have two fantastic Christmas puddings which really bring back the luxury of classic Christmas puddings of old, one of them is Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans. Our every popular Christmas Dots Doughnut is back and better than ever – this year it’s star shaped and filled with custard…’s awesome.


XMA14  Classic Luxury Christmas Pudding; 48 x 112g
Packed full of juicy vine fruits, candid orange peel and ground almonds these “proper” Christmas puddings taste great.

XMA13 Vegan & Gluten Free Christmas Puddding; 24 x 120g
Although these Christmas puddings have a “Free From” status, there is certainly nothing free from in the taste department. Packed for of vine fruits, orange and lemon zest and ground almonds, these puddings are fantastic.

MP009 Mini Mince Pies; 64 x 17g
These little treats are the undisputed kings of the mince pie world, they are the perfect after dinner petit four – be careful though, they are utterly addictive.

MP012 Standard Mince Pies; 6pcs x 8
Classic mince pies generously filled with a rich mincemeat

DOT23 Christmas Star Dots Doughnut; 38 x 88g
Star shaped doughnut, decorated with white icing, little red stars and filled with creamy custard

BIS028 Christmas Butter Cookie; 30 x 40g
Delicious star-shaped, buttery shortbread cookies decorated with white icing and red and green sugar pearls.

TB043  Mincemeat & Shortbread Traybake (VEGAN); 16 portions
Lovely rich and sticky mincemeat sandwiched between two layers of heavenly shortbread. Tastes like the ultimate mince pie.

If you are looking for something a bit different to serve with your Christmas puddings this year, our Northern Bloc Ice Creams pair extremely well, in particular the Ginger Caramel, Cinnamon Biscuit and Black Treacle.

CHU56  Marinated Mini Figs; 1.2kg Tub
Marinated mini figs are tasty miniature figs marinated in a rum and white wine syrup. An amazing accompaniment to sweet and savoury dishes, and delicious with cheese, yoghurt or ice-cream.
CHU51  Spiced Red Onion Marmalade; 3kg
A sticky savoury marmalade, perfect with cheese and also superb as an ingredient in sauces.
CHU48  Real Ale Chutney; 3kg
A classic chutney with the rich, smooth taste of ale.
CHU47 Piccalilli; 3kg
A really crunchy mix of vegetables in a tangy smooth mustard sauce.
JAM13  Quince Paste; 800g
A classic accompaniment with cheese
NUT39 Pickled Walnuts; 780g
A real traditional English pickle, use it with cheese, pies and cold meats.

Cheese Biscuits
BIS030  Miller’s Damsels Selection Box; 125g x 12
Seriously elegant hexagonal wafers made using stone-ground flour in three flavours; Charcoal, Wheat & Buttermilk.

PAT26 Chicken Liver Pate; 1kg
PAT21 Chicken Liver & Brandy Pate; 1kg
TER147 Ham Hock Terrine; 1kg

SAUCE41  Cranberry Sauce; 2.5kg
CON126  Garlic & Fennel Mustard; 1kg
JEL002  Red Currant Jelly; 3kg

NUT50 Chestnuts (Peeled & Vac Pac); 500g
CHE502 Chestnut Puree (Sweetened); 1kg
CHE501 Chestnut Puree (unsweetened); 879g
GVY06  Chicken Gravy (20 Litre Yield); 1.5kg
STO100  Chicken Bouillon (50 Litre Yield); 800g
STO21  Premier Chicken Jus; 1kg
STO78  Wild Mushroom Sauce Paste; 800g